Morgan O'Hara

Drawn to Sound in New York

Drawn to Sound, a band in New York that was started in 2013, features Ben Gerstein on trombone, Gian-Luigi Diana on laptop, Mike Pride on percussion, and Morgan O'Hara using pencils and microphone. O’Hara made the live transmission source drawing for this print during a performance in January 2015 at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, New York. The artist tracked the movement of the hands of the musicians in real time on ten sheets of tracing paper. Each sheet was used to make a separate screen, and the resulting print is built up from ten layers of printed marks, ranging from pale gray to deep graphite. The sound of O'Hara's drawing with pencils and a microphone moving on the pages was mixed into the overall sound of the music. The duration of the live transmission drawing was approximately one hour.


Il Gallo in Michoacán, Mexico

The artist made a live transmission drawing by tracking the movement of the feet of a rooster scratching in the earth for bugs in Michoacán, Mexico, in 2010. The duration of the drawing was approximately thirty minutes. O’Hara later projected the drawing onto a wall at the gallery Alterna y Corriente in Mexico City and painted the silhouette with flat black acrylic paint on the off-white wall. For this print she made a new drawing with ink on paper.


Romy at Play in Frühlingstrasse, Gräfelfing, Germany

Romy Lupita Egger, the five-year-old daughter of friends of the artist, spends hours playing in her room, in the living room, in the kitchen, and outdoors with her stuffed animals, dolls, toys, and especially with her cat, Pantoffel. Her energy is intense and uninterrupted as she flows from one thing to another and physically moves in space. Dancing, running, concentrating, jumping around, teasing Pantoffel, focusing on a specific action with a specific toy, she follows her energy and intuition. The duration of the live transmission was approximately three hours.